New Mexico Junior Academy of Science

The annual Junior Academy of Science Paper Competition (Central New Mexico Division) will be held on March 17th 2017 in rooms 150 and 154 of the Johnson Center Gym at the University of New Mexico.

The New Mexico Junior Academy of Science (NMJAS) promotes student research, participation in science fairs, and an annual written and oral technical paper competition. Science education has focused primarily on the background and tools necessary to do scientific research, but there is little emphasis on writing about and orally presenting the results of research. The NMJAS paper competition was instituted as a means of aiding and encouraging young scientists in the written and oral communication of the results of their research. The NMJAS encourages students to participate in this competition, through which they have unique opportunities to learn a crucial part of scientific work: communicating their work to others.

The due date to submit papers is March 1st by midnight. A $15 dollar entrance fee is required.

Please send a hard copy of your entry form, and student bio form along with your entrance fee to:

Dr. Joachim
P.O. Box 1252, Corrales, NM

The due date to submit PowerPoint presentations for the oral part of the competition is March 12th, 2017.

Please note that PowerPoint submissions should only be submitted by students whose papers have been accepted into the competition. Please wait to hear if you are accepted before submitting a PowerPoint.

Please use the following link to access rules, and tips for the competition.
Alternately, you can use this LINK to access the competition rules, and forms directly.
Please submit your electronic paper submissions to Dr. Lorna Joachim at

Contact Us
Dr. Joachim at 505-710-4007 or

NMJAS Information 2017

NMJAS Entry Bio Rules 2017

Central Region (Albuquerque)
Dr. Lorna Joachim
480 Dixon Rd
Corrales, NM 87048
Phone: 505-710-4007
Paper submission deadline:
PowerPoint submission deadline:
Oral Competition date: March 16, 2017
Oral Competition place: UNM Johnson Gym
Oral Competition time: 4:00 pm