Kenneth Armijo

Kenneth Armijo at work
Current Position
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories
Degree(s) and College/Universities
PhD - University of California, Berkeley
MS- University of California, Berkeley
MOT - University of California, Berkeley
BS - University of New Mexico
Favorite Memory
"One of my memories was having a group of judges come to my science fair project and ask questions about it where they later offered me a job to work at Sandia Labs years later.

For Science Olympiad I have fond memories with regard to the bottle rocket event where one time our rocket went so high it landed on a school bus that had already left the parking lot and was on the main road. Needless to say it got really good marks for design!"
How has your participation in these programs influenced your college and/or career choices?
The participation in the Regional Science Fair as a Middle Schooler and High schooler set the stage for me to become more interested in science and engineering, especially as it put me into contact with UNM Engineering Directors like Tom Cummings, who helped a farm kid from central New Mexico seek summer internships that helped me go to college and later get my PhD from one of the top 3 institutions in the world for engineering and be a part of the space shuttle program.