Taylor Roach

Taylor Roach at Research Challenge
Current Position
Family Therapist
Mt. Tabor Counseling
Degree(s) and College/Universities
BA in Psychology at UNM
MA in Marriage & Family Therapy at Regis University
Favorite Memory
"I remember starting most of my presentations to judges with a joke. For example, for my project on the effect of interruptions on productivity and performance, I started with:
Knock knock
Who's there?
Interrupting cow

So, saying this joke in front of a panel of ten judges when they swarmed my board, was an interesting experience..."
How has your participation in these programs influenced your college and/or career choices?
Being involved in the behavioral sciences section of science fair allowed me to realize my passion for mental and behavioral health and human interaction. From this, I decided to major in psychology and eventually got involved in therapy!