Project Ideas

There are many Internet web sites that have great ideas for projects. In fact, a Google® search probably will return millions of hits! How to narrow it down? Here are a few of the most popular sites that have wizards and other tools to help you narrow down your search.

Science Buddies

Science Buddies is a great place to start. You can browse ideas that appeal to you personally, and the Topic Selection Wizard is very helpful.

All Science Fair Projects

From Astronomy to Zoology, you can explore over 500 ideas using a keyword search at All Science Fair Projects.

Science Fair Projects World

Science Fair Projects World has categories that you can search for ideas.

Part of, the science fair project ideas page lets you browse by grade or by topic.

We don't recommend that you simply take a project from the Internet and just follow the instructions. Instead, learn to use the ideas of others to come up with your own unique project. Look at some of the cool projects that other New Mexico students have created. Some students look to see if something that appears true, really is. The key to successful science projects is to find something that really interests you.

Be Your Own Judge!

Students can also view the actual Judging Criteria and Processes that is put out by Intel ISEF.