Special Award Judges

Special Awards Judges

Why Special Awards?

Public and private industry, civic organizations and individuals support the Central NM Science & Engineering
Research Challenge through SPECIAL STUDENT & TEACHER AWARDS. Recognition of the incredibly hard work
students and teachers put into getting ready for competition at the regional, state, and perhaps even
international level is critical. This type of recognition helps to create excitement and spark continued
interest in science, technology, engineering, and math education.

Student Awards

There are many appropriate special student awards for participants at our fair. These include scholarships,
savings bonds, cash awards, expense-paid trips/seminars, trophies/ plaques, tangible items (i.e. computers,
PDA’s, backpacks, shirts, etc.), books, subscriptions, letters of commendation, certificates, etc. Proposed
special student awards are subject to review and approval by the University of New Mexico and must be
age-appropriate. We ask Special Student Award Donors, whenever possible, to be responsible for delivering
the award(s) to the recipient(s) within a reasonable amount of time after the fair. The Science Fair
office will send you the names/ addresses of all winners within 14 days after the fair.

Scholarships of $100 or more may be held in a reserve account with the Science Fair for disbursement
to the student upon entering college & providing proof of enrollment. Savings Bonds cost 50% of their
face value and start at a face value of $50. Please note that donors that choose to give savings bonds
as awards must order those bonds directly. Internships are another great student award idea. In particular,
high school students can be provided with excellent opportunities to explore career options and your
organization can benefit from having the additional help over the summer, for example. These internships
may be paid or unpaid depending upon the organization’s desires and financial means.

Teacher Awards

The teacher/sponsors of student exhibitors work very hard to help their students prepare to compete
in science fair at the local, regional, state, and perhaps even international levels. Teacher awards
offer an opportunity to recognize all the energy, dedication, and time these teachers put in every day.
Teacher awards can include, but are certainly not limited to, massages, books, expense-paid seminars/
conferences, expense-paid trips (i.e. to International Science & Engineering Fair), weekend getaways,
dinners, trophies, plaques, memberships, cash awards,