The UNM STEM‐CORE advances STEM teaching and learning through outreach, research and education activities. Our mission is accomplished by, but not limited to . . .

  • Cultivation of strategic STEM education focused partnerships and collaborations among UNM faculty/staff and within the community (public‐private) to increase and sustain engagement and create opportunities to increase the collective impact of STEM education related endeavors
  • Development, facilitation and/or coordination of innovative STEM Educator Professional Development opportunities
  • Development, facilitation and/or coordination of STEM‐focused student researcher workshops
  • Administer STEM focused academic competitions for 6th‐12th grade students
  • Engage in STEM education focused policy research and advocacy
  • Provide excellent customer service throughout all of our activities


We are a recognized leader in the STEM teaching and learning community in New Mexico and beyond. We serve as the coordinating body for University of New Mexico STEM education activities in order to support the University community in its efforts to collectively reach key system‐wide STEM education goals including significantly increasing the recruitment, retention, and graduation of STEM majors. We provide a comprehensive center for STEM education resources, outreach programs, and support services. We are a hub for STEM teaching and learning best practices and innovation. We facilitate the cultivation and support of strategic STEM education focused collaborations/ partnerships.


  1. We operate with a sense of PURPOSE and the desire to leave a lasting LEGACY in the field of STEM-H education.
  2. We operate, at all times, with INTEGRITY and COURTESY.
  3. We conduct our business in the spirit of COOPERATION.
  4. We are open to CHANGE, encourage CREATIVITY, and strive for INNOVATION.
  5. We are ACCOUNTABLE for our actions and are COMMITTED to the mission of the organization.
  6. We are DEPENDABLE and COMPETENT. Our team members, as well as our constituents, know we will deliver what we promise.
  7. We value WISDOM gathered through experience, seek to instill PASSION in our work, and act with COURAGE as we strive to fulfill our mission and work toward our vision on a daily basis.


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to our program are tax deductible.