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To view the file, click on the link title. To download the file, right-click on the link title and follow your computer's instructions to save the file. There is a lot here, so use your browser's search function (CTRL F in Internet Explorer) to look for key words.

To view the file, click on the link title. To download the file, right-click on the link title and follow your computer's instructions to save the file. There is a lot here, so use your browser's search function (CTRL F in Internet Explorer) to look for key words.

Searchable Database of Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) Finalist Abstracts Excellent resource for project ideas and so forth - direct from ISEF

ABSTRACTS In Spanish Cómo Escribir un Abstracto - Spanish Abstract Instructions

Sample Abstract Sample abstract evaluating batteries, testing which batteries last the longest.

What Is An Abstract? PowerPointTeaching student researchers how to write award winning abstracts. Fourteen page PDF of a PowerPoint presentation adapted from UNM STEM Education Outreach Programs Teacher Professional Development Workshops materials.

Gabriel Joachim's Poison Dart Frogs Sample award-winning project abstract in 2009 from Cibola High student on identifying habitats of poison dart frogs in Costa Rica.

Mastering the Abstract Writing Process PowerPoint by John Cole, Intel ISEF D&S Chair, on how to write a good abstract.

Writing a Good Abstract PowerPoint style about writing a good abstract for a research project. One slide per page.

Writing Research Papers Resources for technical writing, general form of research papers, abstracts and what to avoid.

Importance of Being a Mouse Story of mice in research by Ann R. Gernhardt, illustrated by Robert Fisher.

Super Scientists: Mice University of California, San Diego and California Society for Biomedical Research. Helping Scientists Solve the Mystery of Disease.

NASA Principles NASA Principles for the Ethical Care and Use of Animals

Use of Animals in Biomedical Research Understanding the issues involved in animal research article from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

Attributes and Statuses of Cheating College Students Article by Russell Dawking in the College Student Journal regarding academic dishonesty.

Dishonesty in the Biochemistry Classroom Laboratory Article by Dawn Del Carlo and George Bodners from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education publication. Discusses cooking or fudging data in the classroom laboratory.

Is Your Ethics Policy a Quick Fix or Civic Outcome? Article by Debbie Abilock, editor of the Knowledge Quest publication from the American Association of School Librarians.

Young, But How Innocent? Brief article from Science magazine about cheating at science fair competitions gathered by student science fair competitors!

Research Ethics How to Treat People who Participate in Research from the National Institutes of Health. In-depth discussion of historical trials gone wrong to cheating in school.

Ethics in Research Agreement Signature page for parents and students involving competition, ethics, and behaviors not allowed.

ISEF Biosafety Level 1 Guidelines and checklist for Biosafety Level 1 Laboratory Facilities & Operations from ISEF.

ISEF Biosafety Level 2 Guidelines and checklist for Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory Facilities & Operations from ISEF. Used
in locations other than registered research institutions like a high school laboratory or medical office.

The Trembling Edge of Science Losing world-class chemist Karen Wetterhahan to mercury poisoning redrew the boundaries of safety and risk. From the Darthmouth Alumni Magazineby Karen Edicott.

2010 ISEF Display Boards PowerPoint presentation on designing an Intel ISEF Affiliated Science Fair Project Display Board. What a well-designed project board should and should not do.

Tabla del Proyecto de InvestigacionSpanish version of what to include on an exhibit board such as title, statement, abstract and more.

Research Project Exhibit Board English version of what to include on an exhibit board such as title, statement, abstract and more.

Tablillas De Anuncios Spanish description of display boards, including size, electrical requirements and more.

Science Teacher's Health and Safety Workshop PowerPoint Presentation by Mary Loesing and Theresa Curry with good discussions about chemicals, safety equipment and legal issues.

Find the broken safety rules in Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob The Bikini Bottom gang has been learning safety rules during science class. Find the broken safety rules and underline each one.

CNM STEM Research Challenge Safety Checklist IMPORTANT: Checklist for exhibitors to use before project is reviewed by Display & Safety Inspectors. After your form has been completed by an Inspector, please leave the signed form on your display table so it is visible to Research Challenge staff once you leave the exhibit hall.

Math Challenges for Families
Set 1      
Set 2      
Set 3
Set 4      
Set 5

"Figure This!" is five math challenges for middle-school students from a grant from the NSF and US Department of Education. A colorful version is available at Figure This! from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Math Glossary - English This glossary is intended to be helpful to students, teachers and parents using Excel Math. The glossary provides clear, short definitions of terms used throughout the K – 6 curriculum.

Math Glossary - Spanish Este glosario sirve para ayudar a estudiantes, profesores y padres que usan Excel Math. El glosario da defi niciones claras y cortas depalabras usadas por todas partes de nuestro programa de estudios de K – 6.

PED New Mexico Content Standards 

New Mexico Common Core website New Mexico, 44 other states, and the District of Columbia have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The CCSS are a set of high quality-standards in mathematics and English language arts (ELA).  The CCSS also include reading and writing standards for social studies, science, and technical subjects

NM STEM Ready Science Standards

NM STEM Ready Math Standards

NM PED Math & Science Bureau

Links to all NM Education Standards by Content Area

Awesome Engineering Projects Step by step: Engineering projects involve creative problem solving, but they are not hypothesis testing. Each engineering design project should have a goal which can fit the following model statement: "The design and construction of an engineered product for target user to do some useful function."

Awesome Scientific Research Projects Step by step: Scientific research projects (as opposed to engineering projects).

Research Project Worksheets For Elementary and Middle School students including design process, data collection, data analysis and conclusion from the STEM Outreach Program at UNM.

CNM S&E Research Challenge Project Checklist Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge Project Checklist. Project report, lab notebook, display board, interview, paperwork and more RC information from STEM Outreach Program staff.

Excellence in Scientific Research or Engineering Discusses specific areas, such as clarity and thoroughness, with subsections on "curb appeal" and techniques. A good checklist to view a research project with judges' eyes.

Research Project Tools Itemized list of how to determine if a research project is a good fit.

Rule of Thirds How do divide up any research project into: 1) research, 2) action, and 3) presentation. Also contains a generalized timeline.

Sample Project Timeline Sample timeline from 2007, but can be updated for this year, gives an overview of the research challenge process.

The Scientific Method An easy version of the iterative scientific process for students from Science Buddies.

Student Research Projects Information and tools packet, 18 pages of guidelines, forms and procedures.

Teacher Center Northwest Association for Biomedical Research ( has an excellent and extensive lesson archive including full plans, rubrics, and guidelines, and also provides a variety of professional development programs to promote understanding of biomedical research.

Research Projects Research projects from idea to display board to competition (and how the judges score the projects).

Expo Night PowerPoint Science Expo Information Night PowerPoint presentation. Available for teachers to fill-in-the-blanks for a custom presentation.

Expo Success Presentation The role of students, teachers, parents and Expo committee slide.

Four Tools for Science Fair Success Teacher-tested ideas to guide students to true inquiry-based projects.

Science Buddy Rubics: Science Buddies grading rubrics that are very helpful and thorough for both teachers and students.  Provides insight in how judges look at projects as well as a great way for teachers to organize student project assignments and grading.

  Data Analysis
  Display Board
  Final Report
  Materials Procedures
  Research Paper
  Research Plan
  Variables Hypothesis

Science Buddy Peer Review Information & Worksheet:
  Peer Review Outline

Science Buddy Project Schedule:  Holiday/Work Day Planner, Science Fair Assignment Worksheet and Student/Parent 
  PDF Version 
  Word Version 

Science Buddy Judging: Judging information, scorecards, guides and everything on judging, including important information that happens before projects are ready for competition.
  Basic Scorecard
  Elementary Scorecard
  Judging Scorecard
  Science Fair Judges Guide

Science Fair Passport Enrichment Tools for organizing a passport activity to increase fair attendance.

A Guide to Planning a Science Fair Guide for teachers who have never run a science fair or is looking for ideas to enhance their existing fair, targeted at upper elementary and middle school grades.

Expo Registration Spreadsheet Excel spreadsheet that you can edit (Save As for your copy) for keeping track of students and judges at a science fair or research challenge.

Science Buddies Flyer Free Research Project/Science Fair Help for K‐12 Science Students and Teachers. Science Buddies offers online help including how‐to guides, project ideas, and advice.

Science Buddies Flyer General Free Research Project/Science Fair Help for K‐12 Science Students and Teachers. Project ideas and help in all areas of science, from astronomy to zoology.

PowerPoint Presentations:  Online Resources to Help You and Your Students Achieve Science Fair Success PowerPoint presentations.

JUNIOR Division Presentation
SENIOR Division Presentation 

Teacher's Guide to Science Projects Science Buddies is a nonprofit organization that provides free science fair project ideas, answers and tools for students in grades K-12. The goal of this guide is to give you tools to overcome some common science project challenges.

Science Buddies Website PDF file about about the Science Buddies website.
Science Buddies website.

Periodic Table Handy and colorful periodic table.

Forms & Signatures Review Central NM Science & Engineering Research FORMS &amp: SIGNATURES REVIEW - 2013-2014 Research Project Protocol Paperwork Review Checklist

Checklist for SRC Review - ISEF ISEF instructions developed to provide guidance for an SRC to review a project after experimentation.

Creating a Local Committee If you need to create a local Scientific Review Committee (SRC) or Institutional Review Board (IRB), this PDF outlines the necessary steps.

SRC-IRB Flowchart Yes or No answers to determining if a student's research project needs SRC or IRB or ACUC approval - must be in place before starting the project.

ISEF Operational Guidelines SRC/IRB Operational Guidelines for Scientific Review Committees (SRC) and Institutional Review Boards (IRB)

2017 SRC/IRC Membership Form List of names, email contact and degrees/majors for people on a local SRC/IRC review board. STEM Outreach needs these forms as soon as possible.

BioSafety Review Checklist Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge pre-regional competition project biosafety review checklist.

Human Participants Review Sheet Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge Human Participants Research Project Review Sheet.

AAAS Competitions Support STEM AAAS Science Magazine: Competitions to Support STEM Editorial by Arthur Eisenkraft

Bridging The Gap by Jamaal Abdul-Alim Bridging The Gap article by a STEM/LSAMP scholar. Excerpt from NSF book Underrepresented Minorities: A Rich Pool of STEM Talent. Who Will Do Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the Future?

New Mexico STEM Connection NEW! A statewide collaborative to promote STEM Education in New Mexico

New Mexico STEM Connection Educator ResourcesDirect link to Educator and Professional Resources

Experiment With Science in Your PTA How a PTA got involved with dropping eggs from a helicopter and more inspiring stories.

Success lies beyond the test MetroWest Daily New article by Penny Noyce and Rob Richardson. January 2007.

Gifted Child Today Article by Mehmet Ozturk and Charles Debelak on the benefits of academic competitions, especially for gifted middle school students.

Science Fairs Supply Invaluable Venue Editorial article from the Albuquerque Journal (May 20, 2008) about science fair venues.

Making Science Make Sense Bayer Facts Of Science Education Survey XIII on Fortune 1000 STEM Executives on STEM Education.

Descriptive Study of the Middle School Science Teacher Laura M. Fisanick doctoral thesis at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, The School of Graduate Studies and Research Department of Professional Studies.

9 Reasons to do a High School Science Project Nine excellent steps to getting the most out of a high school science project from the website at

The Value of a Student Research Project How science fairs are learning experiences that help students and families from the website.

Academic Competitions Why Encourage Students to Participate? A PowerPoint presentation by Karen Kinsman, Director of the Stem Outreach Program at the University of New Mexico.

Top Ten Reasons to Support Regional Science Fairs Ten good reasons to have science fairs / research challenges.

STEM Teaching Tools These very short pieces highlight ways of working on specific issues that come up during STEM teaching.