Clara Benavides

Energy & Engineering Panel

Recorded Saturday February, 20th 2021

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How to you solve a problem like Clara? You dive right into it! Her superpower is approaching problems with a sharp mind----and lots of drive and cups of coffee. Clara began her career with ExxonMobil at XTO Energy in 2017 as a reservoir engineer intern in Fort Worth, Texas. She currently is a facilities engineer supporting the Permian Basin operations in New Mexico and Texas. In her current role, she studies pipeline erosion and prevention while designing and supervising construction of the largest tank battery (it separates oil, gas, and water before the oil and gas is sent to refineries) in Texas.

Clara grew up in Midland, TX and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and a minor in math from Texas Tech. While in college, she was bitten by the travel bug and studied abroad in Spain where she worked on perfecting her Spanish speaking skills. Imagine solving engineering problems in Spanish! It’s her other superpower. After a day of exploring creative business and engineering solutions, Clara enjoys skiing New Mexico powdery slopes with her fiancé Garrett, adding lots of glitter and other materials to her crafting closet, and cuddling with her loveable Goldendoodle, Arlo.